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Closing the Bones Ritual

The Closing Ritual is way to create a moment of stillness, to honour & reflect her completion of pregnancy, her transition into motherhood & to bring her awareness back into her goddess self. It is a way to support the woman’s healing, to both her body & her mind,

by nourishing & nurturing all aspects of her journey she wishes close. 


Women experiencing all life paths are welcomed & held within this space. A closing may be giving to celebrate her maiden circle or her transition into our crone. To heal her womb space, after early birth, miscarriage or abortion, after her birth even many years post.  


Closing the Bones is traditionally known as an ancient Mexican Postnatal practice; however, similar rituals & ceremonies have been practiced & taught through traditional birthing attendance across many cultures, across many decades. I acknowledge the great linage of teachers & communities of women who have held space for this healing practice, with gratitude & respect.


During pregnancy, her hips are widening, opening, housing her growing babe & preparing for their birth. During birth, her whole being is opening & releasing, birthing this new soul, & as life changing as birth is, it can often leave the mother feeling exposed & broken open. 

During the Closing the Bones ritual, we create a safe space to acknowledges her body’s transformation & call her spirit back into her body, guiding her bones back into their place, encouraging her womb space to shift, her hips to close, her uterus to shrink back

& to stimulate her blood flow. 

When you book your Closing the Bones ritual, I create a sacred space that is intimate & bespoke to you & your desires. This is ideally done within the comfort of your own home but of course can be offer within my space of practice.

I place my mat on the floor & place 7 rebozos over top. You are then invited to lie on your back where I then ground your pelvis & perform a series of rebozo massage & rocking techniques. You are then wrapped in the rebozos, from your head to your toes & covered with a blanket while energy healing is channelled. This can often ignite a comforting release of emotions, a reminder that you are safe & held within this space. I hold space for you to share your birth story & your closure over a freshly brewed tea. Each Closing ritual is uniquely yours & honours your own journey.  


The Closing the Bones ritual can also be an opportunity for your circle of women, to come together & celebrate your journey. Similar in the ways of Blessing ceremony, check out the Blessing Ceremony page for more details. Again, all Blessing Ceremonies are bespoke to you & your desires, cost reflect this & can be discussed personally.  


offering available on Tuesdays & Thursdays

Gift Vouchers are available. 

Closing Ritual

exchange $120  2hrs

freshly brewed tea

grounding the pelvis 

mindful mediation

rebozo massage 

rebozo wrapping & closing

honouring your bones 

sound journey & healing

intuitive reiki energy restore 

 unwrapping & releasing 

take home gift


"she cannot shine her light, without her darkness.

She cannot embrace her feminine, without loving her masculine.

She cannot be grateful within her joy, without showing gratitude to her sorrow.

& She cannot treasure her beginning, without honouring her closing"


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