SoundBirth harness the peaceful tones & vibrational energy from the intentionally designed 'SoundBirth' crystal singing bowl.

The SoundBirth bowl is a natural & effective birthing tool that is welcomed within your chosen birth space.

Embrace, empower & reclaim your own voice & find comfort within tones & sounds. Feeling the rhythmic connection with your partner, as you both transition into parenthood. SoundBirth will strengthen your bond with your babe & supports a positive forth trimester.

SoundBirth encourages you to feel confident & in control of your contractions & with the intensity of the surges. 

SoundBirth creates a stillness, calmness & reassuring safety within your scared birthing space. 

Ten reasons why you need SoundBirth

1. Distraction

SoundBirth is not designed to distract from the entire birthing experience but instead to embrace certain distraction & brings you back into the present moment. When the resonant sound & vibrational power of the bowl is in tune with your own voice, all your attention is drawn away from outside noises, thoughts & pains, allowing you to focus on the pure sounds that transforms your birthing space.  


2. Relaxation

Sound has the wonderful ability to entrain your brain into a deeply relaxed & mediative state, without any effort at all! 


3. Vibration

Playlists are great & recorded music has been proven to help within a birthing space, but SoundBirth is about bringing the music to you live.. you are the music becoming at one with the vibrations you are creating. Think of your favourite band, listening to their album is nice but hearing them live is life changing! 


4. Connection

No labouring person should ever feel alone. With SoundBirth, it has the magical effect of feeling “held”. The bowl will be there with you, alongside your partner, being present & together on this amazing intense ride, in tune with your rhythm.

This creates connection! 


5. Permission 

Empowering & giving your self permission to release all shame & to embrace 

your voice throughout pregnancy, birth & postnatally.  


6. Intuition

The pure mesmerising sound of the crystal singing bowl, together with the act of being playful & creative, brings you into a 

heighten intuitive state, from this your voice will instinctively go where it needs to go. 


7. Visualisation

We are forever creating our lives & without much of a thought. 

SoundBirth can assist you to be more conscious of the birth you desire, using visualisations together with familiar sounds.    


8. Dilation

The larynx & the cervix are made up of exactly the same tissue.

 A relax & opened larynx encourages a relax & opened cervix.


9. Motivation

When the crystal singing bowl is being played within pleasant & yet powerful volume, it can create that energy & motivation needed

 to keep on going!


10. Creation

The crystal singing bowl symbolises the creation of ‘new life’. 

The bowl represents the feminine energy, the ‘womb’ the ‘great mother’. 

The wand is the masculine, the ‘great father’, the activating or releasing force. 

The magnificent sound they co-create when joined together is the birth of ‘scared sound’. 

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