Doula Offerings   

The word 'Doula' actually means 'to mother' or 'to serve'. A doula supports a pregnant person & their partner to understand, educate & prepare for their own journey through pregnancy, into labour & birth, & their rise into parenthood. A doula holds space, love & light without judgements or ideals. 


Inviting a doula into your birth space can add such positive benefits to both your birthing & postnatal experiences. Just as unique as every family, so is my support & services. Our time together will always focus on what you desire & my support is always unconditional.  

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Wild Feminine 
investment $1500

Obligation free meet & greet 

three prenatal visits - 2hours


on calll during due time - From 37weeks 

continuous phone, text & email support

complete in person labour & birth support

birth photography & video

two postnatal visits - 4hours

access to my library & resources

access to a TENS machine - pads $25

prenatal reiki energy healing

closing the bones ritual

gifts from the heart

First prenatal visit - MIND

Physiology & education of pregnancy, labour, birth & postnatal

Birth map &/or plan preparation

Second prenatal visit - BODY

Explore the body through movements, positions & support together with birth partner

Body throughout labour, birth & postnatal

Third prenatal visit - BREATH

Through breath & sound work

Relaxations, mindfulness & rituals

Explore thoughts, feeling & emotions

Enjoy a botanical foot soak & massage,

a mindful mediation & a special blend tea

Postnatal visits - NOURISH

Nourishment of the mind, body & breath

Labour & birth debriefing & understanding 

Nutritious homemade meals

Ceremonial healing bath & belly wrapping

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Goddess Mama

investment $1300

Obligation free meet & greet 

six postnatal visits - 4hours

in-home visits

organised planned outings

closing the bones ritual

continuous phone, text & email support

access to my library & resources

Gifts from the heart 

Nourishment of the MIND, BODY & BREATH

Labour & birth debriefing & understanding

Breastfeeding &/or bottle-feeding support

Assistance with babe 

Nutritious homemade meals

Support with meal planning

Ceremonial healing bath & belly wrapping

Special blend tea

Lite housework

Interactions with older siblings

Crafts & DIY

Relaxations, mindfulness & rituals

Bespoke support

Little Wildling
investment $800
obligation free meet & greet 
two prenatal bondings
on call during due time - from 37weeks
continuous phone, text & email support
complete minding of the child/ren 
-during labour & birth
one postnatal bonding - 4hours

First prenatal bonding - PLAY

We explore our bond through play

Second prenatal bonding - DISCOVER

We discover mama's body, baby &

what labour & birth means

We discover what it means to be a sibling

We discover what it means to be a newborn

-all within the scope of the parent's beliefs & values & always age appropriate 


Labour & birth - GENTLE

Gentle support throughout labour & birth

In-home, home birth & hospital


Postnatal bonding - NURTURE

Nuture & honour their journey

How they can nurture mama & baby

Mindfulness, calming & rituals 


A sibling doula is trained & experienced in taking care of your other children's physical & emotional well being throughout your labour & birth journey.

A sibling doula provides a calming & safe space for the child to transition into their role as brother or sister. Care can be provided in home as well as within the labour & birthing environment.

A sibling doula is there to be attentive to your children, so you can remain mindful on your birthing journey. 


I understand that every family is unique & therefore your families needs during this special time are uniquely yours. I am happy to discuss Bespoke package options to suit your lifestyle & your families desires throughout your birthing journey.

To be able to offer all of who I am throughout your birthing journey, I only offer limited spaces.

Click the link below to book in your obligation free meet & greet.