Womb Healing 

Our womb & the sacred space she is or once has inhabited, is a place where many women have never consciously connected with. For many, our ‘womb’ is known purely for her reproductive purposes & a space only reserved for mothers birthing new life. Our womb, however, encompasses the entire physical & energetic region, she is the very place where we find our most foundational feminine blueprint. Our womb space holds a direct portal into our spiritual knowing, she is the connection to our intuition. Our womb is the creator of new life, she births our inspirations, she is our grounding & connects our cord back to mother earth, she is inviting, warm & nurturing, she is holds our deepest desire & our intense pleasures.


Womb healing has been a part of ancient health care, practiced by medicine women, traditional midwives, shamans, priestesses, mothers & elders. Traditionally using various modalities of healing such as womb massage & manipulation, vaginal steaming, herbal remedies, warming of the womb space, sound & vibrational medicine, energetic balancing & restoring {reiki}. Our ancients lived by a feminine cosmology of creation; everything was birthed & dissolved through our sacred universal womb. By awakening the spirit of her womb, the women can then empower her true source of healing, her unconditional love, her sensuality, her creativity & reclaim her intuition, her inner wisdoms & her sacred power. My direct lineage of the 13th Rite {the rite of the womb} is from the sacred teachers of the female Shipibo Shamans & midwives of Peru. I hold great respect for this lineage of teachers & their wisdoms, the traditional shamanic initiation & embodiment practices. 


Womb Healing draws blessings from the four directions & elements of Shamanic culture as well as connecting & balancing our physical mind & body with our energetic body & spiritual awareness. Womb healing will help to align, balance & restore your womb space to its most pure & sensual form. This gentle intuitive healing may offer you clarity, closure, release, detach & clear stagnant traumas & emotional blocks, dissolve unwanted cords of attachments & allow shedding of the ancestral layers of their pains, traumas, shames, guilts & fears. Womb healing is a powerful rebirthing of all women & holds the potential to heal thousands of years of ancestral wounding & to bring forth a deeper feminine consciousness. 

offering available on Tuesdays & Thursdays 

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Womb Healing

exchange $80  1.5hrs

freshly brewed tea

mindful mediation

 blessing the four directions

womb healing

smoke or steam cleansing

sound journey & healing

witnessing ritual

closing of ceremonial space

take home gift


"she is your creator

she is your source 

she is your divine 

she is your feminine 

she is your masculine

she is your purity 

she os your sexuality

she is your power

she is your seer

she is your healer

she is your womb"