Blessing Ceremony

A Blessing Ceremony or ‘A Mothers Blessing Way’ creates a beautiful opportunity to celebrate & honour a pregnant goddess, her transition into her mother self & to bless her sacred birthing path.

Gathering her circle, together they shower the mother-to-be with unconditional love & support, offering her their blessings, words of wisdom, nourishment, connection & statements of intention.

The blessing ceremony is about pampering, nurturing & adorning the mother-to-be with beautiful & heartfelt sentiments. Decorating her glowing form with gifts from Mother Earth, creating art from our hearts & honouring the sacred home of her growing babe.

Each ceremony is as unique as the women we celebrate. Together we create a bespoke gathering, this may include creating a sacred space, a birthing altar, flower crowns & arrangements, artworks, affirmations,

red thread connections & all else that welcomes & adores the mother to be. 


It is also offered, once the mother has birthed her babe, to gathering her circle again & honour her during a Closing the Bones Ritual. 


If you would like to create a bespoke Blessing ceremony for yourself or a loved one, I would love to hold this space for you.

I offer an obligation free chat over a coffee or tea, to discuss the magic that can be created while honouring this sacred rite of passage into motherhood. 

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