Belle & the Wild

Pregnancy, Birth & Postnatal Doula

"face birth like a bull, with force, no fear or hesitation,

with the attitude that you can do this & aren't going to hold back.

This is your opportunity to remember your power as a women,

inhibitions not allowed.

those contractions are power surges,

& each one gets you closer to birth.

Your baby feels your strengths & your fears!"

-Ina May Gaskin


About Me

Hey there beautiful person, I’m Lana. 


I am married to a wonderful man & we are raising our 3 beautifully, wild children here on Sunshine Coast, Qld. Since giving birth with my first son, my passion for empowering women through birth & then into motherhood grew and there-for my knowledge base

grew with it. 


Naturally, my passion has transitioned into a service that I am wholeheartedly honoured to offer. I completed my training in 2020 through the Australian Doula College & will forever continue to develop my passions, my knowledge & my soul.  


I am Certified in SoundBirth & have a huge focus on mindful birthing. I am a reiki practitioner specialising in pregnancy, during birth & post birth. I am also certified in Postnatal Rebozo massage and closing rituals as well as Womb healings. I gather monthly for pregnancy circles, based on the Sunshine Coast & offer

bespoke Blessing Ways.


As your doula, I will nurture your traditions, your experiences, your beliefs & your spirit surrounding your birth & your journey into parenthood. I understand that how a person births, not only their babe but themselves as a parent, is one of the most powerful awakenings they will experience. 


I will assist you & your loved ones prepare; emotionally, mentally & physically for the birth that you desire for yourself. I am always open to chat & offer an obligation free meet & greet.

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I am beyond blessed to be able to offer all of who I am to those who are seeking out support, within a safe & held space, to navigate & honour the rites of passage

life's many sacred transitions.


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Doula Offerings

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Inviting a doula into your birth space can add such positive benefits...

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Reiki Energy Restore

Reiki is a gentle way to bring back positive energy, balance & deep relaxation...

Closing the Bones Ritual 

The Closing Ritual is way to create a moment of stillness, to honour & reflect her completion...